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Land Registration Authority, lra, land, title, register of deeds.
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Definition of ANNOTATION: A remark, note, or commentary on some passage of a book, intended to illustrate its meaning. Webster. In the civil law. An imperial rescript signed by the.
TCT Title Transfer. Annotation Steps. and. Views: 136559. As promised, here are the steps in a TCT transfer and annotation. To get this far in your search, I assume you are now familiar with which home loan provider to get, what the steps are in a home loan, as well as the basic definitions of TCT, title transfer and annotation
The main title (on top) using font, size (character expansion) and color par(c("font.main", "cex.main", "col.main")) . sub. Sub-title (at bottom) using font, size and color par(c("font.sub", "cex.sub", "col.sub")) . xlab. X axis label using font, size and color par(c("font.lab", "cex.lab", "col.lab")) . ylab. Y axis label, same font attributes as
The back page of the title contains annotations (if any) for liens and encumbrances like mortgage, adverse claim, etc. This page must be empty if you've been promised a “clean” title. home loan tips ways to ensure your land title is real and clean buying property records. Make sure real estate taxes have been paid.
Use this tab to specify settings for the graph view and axis titles. Graph View Title Text Style Specifies the text style for the profile view title. Text Height Specifies the current text height in drawing units. Title Content Specifies the text elements used to compose the title, such as horizontal alignment (HA) name and station

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